Prepared according to traditional recipe for Saint George's day with lamb meat, lamb offal, rice,...
Happy chicken 380 g.
Chicken fillet, zucchini, dill, garlic, white wine, mashed potatoes
Chicken fillet, bacon, mushrooms, pickles, white wine, black pepper, garlic, soy sauce, basil, mashed...
Chicken fillet, carrots, mushrooms, corn, green peppers,beans, cream, soy sauce, chili sauce

 Grilled pork fillet, mushroom sauce, mashed potatoes

Pork knuckle 600 g.

Marinated pork with mushroom sauce and stewed potatoes

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Pork steak 600 g.

Pork neck steak, onion, bacon, mushroom sauce, white wine, lemon, french fries, french toast

Beef knuckle 490 g.
Marinated beef shank with spices and stewed potatoes
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Sweet potatoes, mushrooms, cream, blue cheese, melted cheese, yellow cheese, parmesan cheese, garlic
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